Wg Cdr Locksley Percival Fegredo


Memoirs of an IAF Technical Signals Officer - Wg Cdr Locksley Percival Fegredo

-Locksley Percival Fegredo was born in 1926 and joined the Indian Air Force in 1950 on completion of his University and Engineering education. As one of the first batch of technical officers, Locksley was involved in many of the pioneering efforts of the Indian Air Force involving electronics, airborne radar and communication.

The rapidly expanding Air Force employed the same philosophy of self-reliance that influenced govt decisions. This led to many opportunities unique to that period and unparalleled opportunities for furthering his engineering knowledge by undergoing courses abroad and project work at home. There was a downside to the rapid Air Force expansion; inadequate amenities, mainly accommodation for families. He was fortunate that his wife had the independence and self-reliance necessary to treat it all as one great adventure.

He would spend twenty years in uniform before deciding to try something very different and start a new life in Australia. He continued his involvement with engineering projects, this time as Systems Engineer for a large American engineering company engaged in leading edge technology in a variety of industrial projects.

Locksley Fegredo passed away in February 2011, in NSW, Australia.