No.1 Squadron “Tigers” and the Imphal Siege


Appendix A: Pilots with No.1 Squadron during the Imphal Battle 

Moved in February to Imphal

1.Squadron Leader Arjan Singh (CO)

2.Flight Lieutenant Haider Raza (Flt Cdr)

3.Flight Lieutenant R Raja Ram (Flt Cdr)

4.Flying Officer B Krishna

5.Flying Officer A M Kapur

6.Flying Officer Rajendra Singh (KIA Sept 44)

7.Flying Officer K N Kak(KFA 1945)

8.Flying Officer N R C Murcott (KIA)

9.Flying Officer B R Rao

10.Flying Officer A C Prabhakaran (KIA July 44)

11.Flying Officer Abdul Hafeez (KIA  July 44)

12.Flying Officer F P Amber

13.Flying Officer P N Sanyal

14.Flying Officer N S Masih (KIA)

15.Flying Officer S L Atal

16.Pilot Officer M N Kaisrani (KIA)

17.Pilot Officer Augustine Roy (KIA)

18.Pilot Officer M N Bulsara

Joined in March

19.Flying Officer A R Pandit

20.Flying Officer T A M Andrade (KIA)

21.Flying Officer M M A Cheema

Joined in April

22.Flying Officer M D Suri (KFA 1947)

Joined in May

23.Flying Officer P S Gupta (KFA 1945)

24.Flying Officer Sarkar

Joined in June

25.Flying Officer D F Eduljee (KIA)






Appendix B: Flying Effort by No.1 Squadron during the Siege of Imphal


























Appendix C:  Aircraft and Pilot Losses of No.1 Squadron in the air at Imphal


03-Feb-44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr S K Ibrahim 1608 HV415?  He landed on the katcha strip next to the paved runway and the aircraft tumbled over on its back
08-Mar-44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr Mohammed Nawaz Kasrani* 1815 BG739 Caught fire due to possible Glycol Leak Cr Killing
04-Apr-44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr Noel Ruxton Clarke Murcott* 1717 Shot down attacking GroundTargets at Tamu Road
27-Apr-44 Hurricane II B Plt Offr Augustine Roy* 2389 TaC/R mission of Lessami area. Roy failed to return as he went in too low shooting up a target at Ukhrul.
05-May-44 Hurricane II B BN208 Engine cut on take off from Imphal
08-May-44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr Theodore Alex Manuel Andrade* 1703 Shot down in flames Arakan front
20-May-44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr P N Sanyal 1682 HW806 badly injured when an RAF Spitfire struck the Hurricane in which he was seated. Imphal
21-May-44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr N S Masih* 2453 SD by Oscars over Bishenpur Area
29-Jul-44 Hurricane II C Fg Offr Antonil Chuyil Prabhakaran* 2342 LD651 FTR from Tamu/Sittaung Area. Last seen cloud flying
29-Jul-44 Hurricane II C Fg Offr Abdul Hafeez* 1817 LD897 FTR from Tamu/Sittaung Area. Last seen cloud flying


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Operational Record Book - No.1 Squadron

Photographs Courtesy: Indian Air Force, Center for Armed Forces Historical Research, Veteran families

Logbooks: Marshal Arjan Singh, Air Marshal  A R Pandit, Air Vice Marshal Haider Raza

This article was first published in an abridged format for the souvenir brought out by the WW2 Imphal society to commemorate 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Imphal.